R. S. Tumber was personally invited to the Hypercat Showcase at BT Centre, London on 27th September, by Lord Erroll.  


At the Showcase, R. S. Tumber had the opportunity to find out about the emerging technologies that will transform the way we design, build and run our national infrastructure, as well as understand the driving forces behind the UK’s leadership position in IoT. The Internet of Things is expected to unlock over £80 billion in value for the UK economy by 2020, and potentially $trillions worldwide.

The Hypercat Alliance, funded by the UK government, with an international membership of over 1,000, is driving the development and use of new supply chains, standards and technologies in the IoT arena. At the event R. S. Tumber heard about what Hypercat has achieved already and the challenges overcome, including how data from multiple industry “spearheads” has come together in “Hyperspace” to demonstrate the benefits of IoT interoperability.

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