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Rajinder Tumber's rhyming poem, Divine Verse, has broken the world record for the Longest Love Poem.  The poem totals 2,413 words, and he says it's more than just a poem.  It incorporates philosophy, theosophy, and ancient istory - which are all essential elements to humanity's evolution.  The poem, set in the Garden of Eden, comes with an intriguing twist, whereby the love is not between Adam and Eve, but Eve and the Serpent.

Rajinder's inspiration behind the poem stemmed from the moment when he almost died from Meningitis.  The traumatic event changed his life.  Rajinder, 34, from Belvedere, south east London, is a member of the Confederation of Meningitis Organisations (CoMO) and author of philosophy, ancient history and sci-fi books.

Rajinder, who is still on his search for love,  makes an interesting worldwide challenge: "I welcome people from all over the world to beat my record of the World's Longest Love Poem.  Why? Because this will have the population consciously & constantly thinking about love... and at the end of the day, the more love there is around the world, the more peace there will be."

His poem beats the record, set by "Evening Star", approximately 100 years ago, by the Roman poet Mihai Eminescu.  The opening stanza begins: "Here I speak of two hearts, beating as one, Here I speak of a profound love, just begun.  I shall begin by introducing the arena, Eden, crafted by the goddesses, Aphrodite and Athena."

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