R. S. Tumber is inducted into the Rotary Club of London, and has lunch with Prince Mohsin Ali Khan of the Hyderabad Royal Family, and Beatrice Tollman (Founder of Red Carnation Hotels).

Rotary Club of London is a leading member of a UK network of, 33,000 Clubs representing more than 1.2m Rotarians all over the world.  The Rotary Club of London, Club No. 50 in Rotary International, is the premier Rotary Club in Britain, being the first to have been chartered outside North America. London is one of four Clubs in Britain and Ireland to be founded in 1911 - the others being Dublin (who actually were the first to convene a meeting but took longer to be chartered), Manchester and Belfast.  The London Club combines experience with youthful enterprise. Our membership includes politicians from all major parties, numerous Ambassadors and High Commissioners, religious leaders from various faiths, and leading figures from the arts, industry, commerce and the professions. The Club plays an active part in supporting the object of Rotary, which is to encourage and foster the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise.

Prince Mohsin Ali Khan of Hyderabad, was born on June 8, 1930 in the Khana Bagh Palace and is the only surviving member of the Asaf Jahi dynasty who were the Nizams of Hyderabad. He was educated at a select school for the sons of aristocratic families. After this he came to England to pursue further education and became a leader in the fields of Finance and Business Consulting.  Prince Mohsin also works hard for a union/federation/confederation of the subcontinent of South Asia (India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka) so that the billions that are now allocated to defence budgets could then be used to uplift the poverty of the underprivileged masses. He has worked hard over decades to further the cause of love, tolerance, and understanding. He was one of the first to initiate interfaith dialogue when he started the 'One Nation Of All Faiths' group. In 1994 he represented India at the World Peace Conference held at Seoul and is associated with a number of charities including UNICEF, Red Cross and Soham for Kids.  Prince Mohsin Ali Khan, has been honoured for his contribution to world peace and charity. Khan, chairman of World Peace and Prosperity Foundation, has been awarded at the Foundation's annual award celebration in the presence of Lord Pearson of Rannoch and Frances Stainton, Mayor of Hammersmith and Fulham.

Mrs Beatrice Tollman, President and Founder of the boutique Red Carnation Hotel Collection has been honoured with the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award at The Cateys 2016, celebrating her lifelong contribution to the hotel and restaurant sectors.  Over a career spanning six decades, Bea Tollman has built an award-winning collection of 17 five and four star boutique hotels in London, Dorset, Guernsey, Ireland, Geneva, Florida and South Africa. World-renowned properties within the collection include The Milestone Hotel in London; The Oyster Box Hotel and Spa in Umhlanga Rocks, Durban; the Hotel d’Angleterre in Geneva and the iconic Ashford Castle in County Mayo, Ireland, which is currently Hotel of the Year, as voted by members of luxury travel company Virtuoso.