In April 2017, RS Tumber successfully became an APPROVED MEMBER of the Mongolian-British Chamber of Commerce (MBCC).

The Mongolian-British Chamber of Commerce (MBCC) is a not-for-profit membership organisation established in 2009 to foster and maintain strong business links between Mongolia and the United Kingdom. The MBCC is chaired by Mr John Grogan and its prime objective is to promote, protect and strengthen bi-lateral trade and commerce between the two countries.

The MBCC’s objectives include: To promote investment, joint ventures, training, research and development opportunities between companies in Mongolia and the United Kingdom; To liaise and maintain close ties with companies and relevant Government authorities in both Mongolia and the United Kingdom; To promote, organise and hold seminars and trade related fairs and to assist in the promotion, organisation and holding of such events for the purpose of exchanging personnel, information, expertise, business opportunities and methodology; To present , express and give effect to the views and opinions of its members on matters affecting their interests at international, national, regional and local government level; and To contribute towards of trade publications of all types, i.e. to carry out market research in relevant areas and to collect, publish, circulate or make known statistics, opinions and information relating to its members’ interest.