On Friday 1st March 2019, R. S. Tumber - the founder of the Women's History Month series 'THE VOICE', published the introductory article of the exclusive series.  The introductory article includes comments from:

1. Princess Theodora von Auersperg

2. BaronessFinlay of Llandaff

3. Lady Penny Mountbatten

For 'Women's History Month' in March, women from some of the world's most prestigious organisations will be making their voices heard, in the attempt to attract more women into the world of cyber security & artificial intelligence

'Women's History Month' is an annual declared month that highlights the contributions of women to events in history and contemporary society.  Rajinder Tumber has interviewed women around the world for his 'Women's History Month' series, THE VOICE.  Within these interviews are useful insights, hints and tips from the minds of women working in global organisations.

The series itself, will contain one dedicated article per woman/organisation.  The organisations which are pleased to participate, include:

1. Bloomberg

2. Facebook

3. Intel

4. Societe Generale

5. IPsoft

6. Experian