Rajinder Singh Tumber (R. S. Tumber) was born in April 1983 at the British Hospital for Mothers and Babies in Woolwich, and raised in Kent, England.

R. S. Tumber is a Cyber Security specialist; Winner of "Security Consultant of the Year" 2017; Two-time finalist for "Security Professional of the Year"; Two-time finalist for "Personality of the Year"; Finalist for "IT Manager of the Year"; Sci-fi/Fantasy novelist (endorsed by a former director of Disney Studios); Multi-genre author; Mentor at University of Westminster; Poet; and Blockchain investor

R. S. Tumber is honoured to be an approved member of the following:

            1. UK Parliament group on Artificial IntelligenceAdvisory Board

            2. Rotary Club of London

            3. Theosophical Society

            4. Mongolian-British Chamber of Commerce

R. S. Tumber has been working within the private and public sectors; most recently in aerospace and defence. With over a decade of experience in the domain of cyber security, his work in thought-leadership has been published in national and global magazines and newspapers. For more details, see the pages: Articles and Social.

R. S. Tumber is a keen contributor to society, and he is honoured to have been invited to the House of Lords, Royal Festival Hall, the Headquarters of BBC, Bloomberg, IBM, BT, and other exclusive locations.  Meeting with numerous lords, government ministers, industry leaders, celebrities, etc, has enabled R. S. Tumber to expand his reach among society and contribute further.

In 2007, R. S. Tumber achieved an MSc Information Security from Royal Holloway, University of London. Prior to this, Tumber studied at the University of Westminster, to obtain a BSc (Hons) Computer Science. However, R. S. Tumber yearned for greater knowledge – not just within the scope of Cyber Security.

For years, R. S. Tumber has been fascinated with philosophy, astronomy, ancient history and other subjects beyond the public eye. Years of research and questioning of mainstream concepts have led him to write a range of eye-opening books, to inspire and enlighten those who are seeking a life of fulfilment; those who desire more from their lives.

To help inspire people around the world, R. S. Tumber has worked with a talented music producer and videographer, to create the following Motivational video, and Book Release video. Feel free to share and inspire others…